Sylvaine Delacourte Perfume 100ml / Eau de Parfum Oranzo

Sylvaine Delacourte


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”Oranzo is a frosty orange blossom, a flower mixed with a cascade of cool water.”



A fragrance whose name comes from the Latin root 'aurantum', which means 'orange tree'. Oranzo is the name of an Italian palace hidden in the Borromean Islands, where the lush vegetation is an invitation to walk through a mysterious maze. Finally, at the end of a path, shaded by other plants, a flowering orange tree allows itself to be seen. Nestled at the base of a full, rushing waterfall, the white petals of its flowers mingle with the cool water at the source.


Olfactive Description

This icy orange blossom has an airy fragrance that leaves a rich, ample trail. The meeting of the comfortable, rounded notes of musk with the crispy green notes of neroli results in a surprising, addictive contrast. Oranzo celebrates the fusing of strength and tenderness.


Bitter Orange - Petitgrain - Tarragon 


Orange Blossom


Musk - Dark Green Notes



Eau de Parfum
100 ml ℮ 3.3 FL.OZ. SPRAY