Inuit Scented Candle (2 Sizes)
Inuit Scented Candle (2 Sizes)

Locherber Milano

Inuit Scented Candle (2 Sizes)

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Green and fresh floral fragrance with hints of bergamot and orange blossom combined with green, galban and blackcurrant tea to finish with sandalwood and musk.

Hand-painted black vase and black walnut lid.
Product presented with an elegant gift box.
The characteristic of this fragrance allows this elegant candle in colored glass and cap in Canaletto walnut to be inserted in any environment.

This fragrance by Locherber® Milano comes from far away, from the lands where the Inuit live. This word which means men / humanity wants to get closer to distant places, difficult to reach because of the frozen ice-covered lands, where this population lives together with bears and silence. The Inuits are proud of not having in mind the concept of possessing things.

This fragrance is addressed to people who love freedom and who want to feel the freshness of the flowers of galbanum, green tea and black currant. The initial notes are bergamot and orange blossom to finish with sandalwood and musk. Inuit the new fragrance by Locherber® Milano inspired by Groelandia.

The Sasso Scultura cap is created by hand from a single piece of Canaletto Walnut wood, working it manually on the grindstone with the resources that are given to us naturally, such as the earth and the wood; the beauty and the contradiction of craftsmanship is that it is not done by machine, but with a slow and prolonged process, sometimes even complicated, which leads to unique caps, one different from the other, that represent pieces of Made in Italy design and further enhance the space around us.

Product entirely Made in Italy.

Orange Blossom - Bergamot
Black Currant - Galbanum - Green Tea
Musk - Sandalwood

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