Black Musk Crystal
Black Musk Crystal

Attar Collection

Black Musk Crystal

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Black Musk Crystal is a luxurious, multifaceted and insanely seductive women's oriental perfume, released in 2016 by the famous Arabian perfume house Attar Collection. The fragrance is enclosed in a luxurious coal-black bottle, crowned with a lid in the shape of a faceted black crystal in the arms of a golden metal frame. Such a bottle will decorate any dressing table, and the perfume contained in it will make the image of any woman even more mysterious and desirable.

In the upper chord, a charming bouquet of floral notes is combined with sweet fruit aromas, as if surrounded by a delicate, slightly shimmering aromatic drapery. The heart of the perfume gives a delicate smell of ripe pomegranate seeds and a delicate spice of barberry. While the final chord is revealed by the spicy-pepper smell of ginger, slowly dissolving in the silky waves of artificially musk.

Floral Notes - Fruit Notes
Barberry - Pomegranate
Ginger - Musk

Eau de Parfum

100 ml ℮ 3.4 FL.OZ. SPRAY