Alahine (2 Sizes)
Alahine (2 Sizes)
Alahine (2 Sizes)
Alahine (2 Sizes)

Teo Cabanel

Alahine (2 Sizes)

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Scented Moment

Alahine is a combination of the noblest perfume ingredients. Its rich , warm, faintly flowered scent brings you straight into the perfumer’s organ.* Staight to where all the essences merge together. Here, a symphony of scents vibrate into a natural symphony. Alahine will develop according to your skin type : here, honey-flavored, there, provocatively spicy, but always pleasingly subtle. So unique and multifacetted , Alahine becomes your confidential perfume. 

A fragrance characterized by a strong essence of incense, typical of the old military and ecclesiastical circles that inspired the fragrance. A bouquet of scents of great charm and character, able to seduce and conquer.

Olfactory Profile

Alahine opens on fresh notes of bergamot, lavender and pink peppercorn. The heart notes reveal floral, honey-sweet scents of jasmine, roses from Bulgaria and Morocco and Ylang-ylang. The trail culminates with generous mellow notes combining iris, vanilla, labdamum, sandalwood, benzoin and white musk.


“ A perfume which stems from my long-time desire to create a deliberately contemporary amber, exceptionally rich, with excellent holding power. I long harboured the idea of capturing the amazing burst of scents coming from the perfumer’s organ, that mystic den where authentic perfumes come to life. I should admit that we do have a secret. We trust only in highest quality ingredients and patient, almost endless maceration. A work of rare craftsmanship which takes months to reach our demanding goal. Our secret? High quality raw materials associated with a particularly long maceration. Long months of creation for this work of Goldsmith of the perfumer. "
Caroline Ilacqua


Ylang-Ylang - Bergamot
Pepper - Orange Blossom - Jasmine - Rose
Patchouli - Sandalwood - Benzoin - French Labdanum - Iris - Musk - Vanilla

Eau de Parfum