J.U.S is the new French perfumery setting trends and offering new scent experiences. Uninhibited, a little rebellious with a quality par excellence. An alternative brand with a vintage pop-art look using vibrant colours in a vivacious design and representing collaborations with a totally new generation of French perfumers.

Our wish? To create excitement and enjoyment by offering a unique sensory experience.

J.U.S is designed for anyone looking for a personal fragrance away from the usual products found in perfumery today.


J.U.S offers an alternative range of perfumes which aspires to set a new standard for luxury fragrance brands.
Are all perfumes alike? Do you ever get a sense of déjà-vu? We never run consumer testing or use marketing briefs. This is a brand where the greatest of fragrance designers are able to freely convey their creativity. J.U.S represents our perfumers' self expression.