Arte Profumi
This brand, the creators' fruit of love and passion, was built slowly, following the suggestions of a total experience that involves all senses combined with a strong artistic vocation.
A painting, a sculpture, a performance is not only appreciated by sight; in fact, to excite us, it has to involve different senses including smell.
First of all, the work of arteprofumi was that to give smell to the modern and contemporary art, creating perfumes to be used as a further reading tool, organizing olfactory pathways to reach a complete sensory experience.
Later on the concept that the smell was closely linked to the world of art developed, whether or not coupled to the work, as to evoke the same desire to communicate and transfer emotions animating the artist.
The work result is a series of perfumes with a high concentration: strong, sour, authoritarian, tender, languid, sensual, whose evocative capability has been summarized in a few sentences which let us glimpse and contains, in our opinion, a little enchanted world.
Our world view is not linear but unfolds and grow, even if in an unconsistent way, mixing together different single use perfumes to allow everyone to create his own scent figure.