Lace Garden (2 Sizes)
Lace Garden (2 Sizes)
Lace Garden (2 Sizes)
Lace Garden (2 Sizes)

Teo Cabanel

Lace Garden (2 Sizes)

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Scented Moment

Lace Garden brings to mind a bouquet of white-coloured flowers with their soft velvetty petals. You are standing in a classic French garden, walking towards a boxwood hedge. You plunge into a maize of lace and embroidered pathways. Your head feels incredibly light. You close your eyes, and for a moment, you no longer touch ground. An exquisite scent of white-coloured flowers brings you back to reality. And you let their enchanting fragrance bring you back to earth.

Olfactory Profile

Lace Garden begins with sweet Ylang-ylang notes, lightly tinted with lemon. It then carries you to the heart of a white bouquet where the delicacy of the Magnolia, the tuberous, the Jasmine, and the orange blossom are interwoven. A touch of vanilla comes to bring the roundness to the scent. Magnified by the benzoin, its wooded and powdereded bottom note blends divinely on the skin.


Jean-François Latty created Lace Garden as an ode to intricately ornemented classic French gardens. My secret wish was to transcribe, in a perfume, the sweet mellow memories of long walks in Fontainebleau castle park, holding my grandmother’s hand. Here, the labyrinth, there, Diane’s garden and of course, playing hide and seek among the box bushes. These very special places and the distinctive aroma coming from white- coloured flowerbeds remain unshakable landmarks and powerful prints in my olfactive memory."
Caroline Ilacqua


Ylang-Ylang - Lemon
Magnolia - Orange Blossom - Jasmine - Tuberose
Vanilla - Woody Notes - Benzoin - Powdery Notes

Eau de Parfum