Early Roses (2 Sizes)
Early Roses (2 Sizes)
Early Roses (2 Sizes)
Early Roses (2 Sizes)

Teo Cabanel

Early Roses (2 Sizes)

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Scented Moment

Early Roses carries you away into a rose garden for an early morning walk. As the morning dew dampens your feet, the mist slowly vanishes, giving way to the first rays of sunshine which soon warm the crisp air. As the garden awakens to its pastel colours the full-bodied rose magically appears. Only at that very moment, and for a fleeting instant, can you catch the flower’s best fragrance…

Olfactory Profile

The perfume opens on subtle rose head notes enhanced by green touches which call to mind the crisp morning dew. Pink peppercorn adds a slight spicy touch. The velvetty facets of Bulgarian rose dominate its head notes, which are enhanced by a touch of geranium and softened by jasmine. These truly feminine scents lead the way to an intricate blend of sulty amber and musk combined with woody notes which give Early Roses distinctive roundness.


“ Perfumers can’t wait for rose harvest time…Did you know that roses can only be picked at dawn, before the sun rises and dims their scent ? I wanted to capture that magic instant when, surrounded by these iconic flowers, I relished the aromatic freshness of precious morning dew. What a pleasure to be able to offer you all this emotion in a perfume! "
Caroline Ilacqua


Rose - Water notes - Jasmine
Bulgarian Rose - Jasmine - Pink Pepper
Musk - Woody notes - Amber

Eau de Parfum