Aramaik Room Spray
Aramaik Room Spray

Locherber Milano

Aramaik Room Spray

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Aromatic, sweet, woody and enveloping fragrance with top notes of bergamot and bitter orange combined with nard and geranium to end with amber, vanilla, myrrh, guaiac wood, benzoin, patchouli and agar wood.

Format 100 ml. Hand painted glass vase.
Fabric label with inscriptions in Aramaic, the ancient Arabic language spoken by Jesus.

Enveloping and woody, Aramaik evokes archaic rituals and leads to a spiritual dimension that regenerates body and soul. The fragrance is composed of three different types of myrrh, an aromatic gum-rosin used in ancient Egypt both as incense and embalming, and the precious Nardo oil, a balsamic ointment known since the dawn of time to grease and rub the body before burial. Aramaik opens with citrus notes of bergamot and bitter orange to evolve into flowery hints of nard and geranium and close in an intense finish with a complex aromatic architecture in which stand out woody notes of Agar Wood, Patchouli and Guaiaco and sweet vanilla, amber and myrrh . The T2 cap is handcrafted using techniques patented by Locherber that recall a Roman temple capital in order to emphasize the influence of ancient Roman culture and create a piece of Made in Italy design to further enhance the space that surrounds us. On the fabric label are reproduced some letters of Aramaic, the ancient Arabic language spoken by Jesus. The characteristic of this fragrance allows this elegant diffuser to be inserted in any environment.

Product entirely Made in Italy.

bergamot - bitter orange
nard - geranium
amber - vanilla - myrrh - guaiac wood - benzoin - patchouli - agar wood.

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100 ml ℮ 3.38 FL.OZ. SPRAY