Tom Daxon

Fragrance almost runs in Tom Daxon’s veins. So it was perhaps no surprise that by his mid-twenties, this perfume prodigy had already launched his own signature fragrance collection…

‘I grew up in fragrant surroundings,’ Tom Daxon recalls. That’s something of an understatement, for Tom began sniffing around the business as a child, when his mother – creative director for a leading fragrance and cosmetics name for over 30 years – ‘would often give me new shower gels to try, fragrances to sniff.’

Where Tom’s story may diverge from most is that he was lucky enough to accompany his mother on many of her working trips to Grasse, the epicentre of perfumery – aged just four, on that first visit. As Tom reminisces … ‘Often I would travel down to Grasse when she met with one of her perfumers, Jacques [Chabert].

I remember walking round his perfume lab; all gleaming tiles and rows of green bottles, each holding different smells of incredible strength.’

Jacques and his equally talented perfumer daughter, Carla, went on to play a major role in Tom’s life – beyond merely igniting his fragrant education. For when Tom Daxon graduated from university, he decided to found his very own niche fragrance house. Who else to call on, to help him compose the scents…? As he fondly explains, ‘In Jacques and [his daughter] Carla Chabert I have a father/daughter perfumery team I have known since I was four!’