Giving life to an explosion of the senses
This is the objective behind the creation of our fragrances.

Teatro Fragranze Uniche has developed a line of fine, high quality products, a work of “coutouriere”, with the collaboration of select perfumers, designers, and Florentine artisians who are guided by their deepest instincts and expertise.
Our laboratories are a center of intense activity where trends are analyzed and the inclinations of our clients evaluated while always keeping an eye on current fashion. Teatro Fragranze Uniche is a wave of creative energy bringing ambient fragrances to new heights with its innovative vision.
In the spirit of the Florentine Renaissance, a small group of women joined to give life to Teatro Frangranze Uniche for the love of the art of perfumery.
In our laboratory, the knowledge of making artisian perfumes with an eye on current fashion trends converge creatively. A kaleidoscope of olfactory experiences are expressed in the form of elegantly designed fragrance bottles, true treasure chests of emotions.

The multiple aspects of this project are expressed in our refined sensibility toward creating exclusive fragrances entirely “Made in Italy”.
A world signed by Teatro Fragranze Uniche.