Paolo Gigli
The lingering smell of iris fields in the Chianti area; the sharp olfactory sensation stimulated by the Maremma, closed between the mountain and the sea; the warm scent of leather manufacturing, when leather is first soaked and then bated to make it malleable for the hand of the craftsman; the heady and rich scent of the oil mill when olives are just pressed; and the bubbling wave of slowly fermenting must: those olfactory tastes have inspired the perfume masters of Tuscan workshops already at work in 1200.CATHERINA DE’ MEDICI
In her constant search for beauty and quality, a lover of perfumes and jewels, for their refined work rather than stone value, on becoming Queen of France took with her a perfume created in these workshops and called “Acqua della Reina”, thus paving the way for the perfumery fortune of France.
At that time Florence lived with its craftsmen at work actually in the streets, and workshops were completely open. Carpenters, tanners, smiths and lots of apothecaries: their noises and smells invaded the city.
The typically Florentine thirst for beauty, and his having lived in this city ever since he was a child stimulated a young Nello Gigli (Paolo’s father) to rediscover those old tastes as soon as the tragedy of the War was over, as message of trust and hope for life.
This vocation led him to broaden his knowledge of fragrances and olfactory combinations, to find the atmospheres of the past. As a good craftsman, he thought about how to enclose them, embellishing them with the tradition of Florentine finished work. Thus his elegant bottles were born, full of refined decorations, handmade, with gold drawings or ornaments.
Precious jewels inside valuable wooden or carton boxes making the perfumes conceived by young Nello always unique. Quite soon Nello Gigli proves to be a company with good perspectives: it has been in the vanguard for more than 60 years.