Hormone Paris

Hormone Sets The Mood…

Hormones can affect behavior, and behavior can sometimes affect hormone concentrations.

Hormones are chemical messengers that are released from the endocrine system that travel through the blood system to influence the nervous system, to regulate behaviors such as mating, happiness and increased energy.

Where did the idea  of changing a certain sense come from?
It has long been known that the ingredients used in perfumes have a major role and affection on a sense of a human
The idea came from how to mix ingredients to get a specific  taste of sense changing technique our customers are looking for.
Customers can make a choice based on their taste and what they are smell senses  satisfaction  in the perfumes they would want to use.
We adopted the idea and created a magic.


So how does this work?

Based on numerous studies and findings, that there are millions of ingredients being mixed together  to make a specific essence to change the mood and the personality of the consumer  that plays  a major role with their personality, and lets not forget its also good use on the medical point of view.
In every perfume we target a specific hormone present in our body and with the right ingredients once mixed the magic happens that needed to influence the targeted  hormone.

All of these hormones are in our bodies, but they are initiated by these ingredients