Detaille Paris
History of The Brand
The Countess de Presle having bought one of the first cars in the early years of the XXth century, felt the skin dehydration caused by high speed and the lack of a windshield on her car.
She discussed the matter with one of her friends, the chemist Marcellin Berthelot, who created a hydrating lotion, which she called Baume Automobile.
That was the starting point of a range of high quality body care products, the Préparations de Beauté, which appealed to the Countess’ friends and acquaintances, and were then sold in all of Europe’s courts. Thus was established Maison Detaille in 1905, named after the Countess’ husband, the brother of the painter Édouard Detaille.
After that, loose powders and toilet waters were added to the Préparations de Beauté. The names in the order book of the Saint-Lazare street store in Paris included the Queen of Bulgaria, the Queen of Belgium, several maharajahs, countesses, princesses and various personalities in the show business, arts, industry and politics.