Brecourt is a French niche perfumery founded by perfumer Emilie Bouge in 2010.

BRECOURT is confidentially connected to the personality of her creator, who wanted to express freely her art around two requirements: the tradition of the raw materials and the modernity of the formulation. Indeed, it is necessary to understand that a perfume is the addition of essences on one hand, and the composition of a creator, on the other hand.

Essences speak especially to our collective unconscious; that is, they return us to an experience which is not personal, but linked to the ancestral connections between Man, Nature and the existential question. They touch us in the depths of our memory, and this process was brought to light by Science. That’s why it is very important to select a raw material according to its origins and its quality, because the olfactive differences are huge from one compared with another. Besides, it’s capital to favor people who harvest, as here in a tradition that is sometimes forgotten by the industrial process.

Concerning the composition, the creator is going to orchestrate raw materials to create a recognizable, fashionable emotion. For Emilie, it is henceforth necessary to go farther and to associate the person who wears the perfume in the emotional process. It is the modern approach for which she tries to achieve by "the contextual formulation."