777 by Stephane Humbert Lucas
A cap of honeycombed metal, vaulted dome, pointing sharply
A ctystalline artifact with limpid curves
A distinction tainted crown
Its multi-faceted stone
For vertically shaped perfume extracts
A first definition of the brand, which initial designation was 777. Three digits well-known today for representing the Oriental Collection of the creator.
A collection of Intriguing perfumes 
Intertwined of precious jewels
Rare exquisite essences
Filled with History
Elucidating the movements of utter beauty.
Stéphane Humbert Lucas, synesthetic perfumer, comes forward the luxury perfumery niche with a novel expression modus.
A connoisseur of puns and other hyperboles, Stéphane Humbert Lucas plays with words.
His art and audacity derive from the purity of the elements and of their constant and close observation.